Hip Hop Travel


 Why Hip Hop Travel?

I am trying to find the words to describe how I feel about this new journey, excited? elated? ok, this is hip hop, I’m hype!!!

Before I start and explain what this journey is about and where it is going, I have to say welcome, welcome to everyone around the world reading!

The idea of what this is has been in the making for my entire life thus far. The two core components have been a part of me my entire life, of course the core components are hip hop and travel. Like many of you, I grew up with hip hop, I feel that I am second generation, when I was born hip hop was already developed and grew but I never knew a time without it. As a child I was a  breaker(in my mind), as a teen a fan and as a young adult a student and complete citizen of this hip hop community. Travel? That has evolved from fascination, action to addiction(in a good way).

The Creativebeach.net Hip Hop Travel initiative is not what you may have been thinking(glad you’re interested and reading), Hip Hop Travel is a network, it is a guide, it is taking the global hip hop community and bringing it together to share, to explore and truly interact. There are A LOT of travel focused groups, initiatives and campaigns around but I will be honest when putting this together, hip hop was left out. With seemingly no idea original in the 21st century, the @hiphoptravel twitter account was completely available, the hashtag has only been used twice and never on instagram. These three things bring me to one of the main reasons why this is happening.

Hip hop is  put in a box and then analyzed amongst those in that box. This is ‘real hip hop’! Hip hop is this, hip hop is that but what hip hop isn’t, is that, well I think completely differently and I know so many others do as well. Hip hop is literally a community and it brings people together! Whether you’re male or female, regardless of race or believe, if you’re a part of hip hop culture personally, that creates a connection and that connection is hip hop travel!

People do not live their lives in music videos, people are not caricature’s, we live, we work, we play, we enjoy! Hip hop is real, it is because of hip hop that I know where St. Tropez is, St. Barts, I was in amazement when I was younger and  saw footage of artists in Japan, Australia, various parts of the African continent. Travel is not just something ‘some people do’ we all want to travel! People love it, even if you go two hours away, another region, state, country.


What Hip Hop Travel is

  Hip Hop Travel is hip hop and some! It’s hip hop in a positive light, it’s hip hop on a global scale. This is just the start so come along for the journey!! 


Hip Hop Focused Travel

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