black & sexy



I recently subscribed to Black and Sexy TV via VHX. I’ve been writing about Black and Sexy TV here since 2012 and that’s when I started watching(The Couple). There are several high profile ‘web series creators'(can we just call them independent TV shows?) but Black and Sexy TV has really stood out as a channel and not only a channel but an integrated fictional world(the shows always connect characters and story lines some how even if subtle) Like all of the web series that become so popular in the last 5 years or so youtube has been the hub for all of it but as enterprises grow even youtube is not enough and people must strike out on their own and that’s what Black and Sexy TV did. Black and Sexy TV created their own ‘cable’ channel basically via the DIY site VHX. In addition to creating Black and Sexy Now(their VHX channel) they have been able to create a deal with BET and have been working on something with HBO. Although I feel their Black and Sexy Now channel is more important than any deal they eventually create. Landing a deal with BET and HBO and anyone else they collaborate with is great business because it expands their viewership potential but being independent is something that I think should be championed more. A lot of people will find out about Black and Sexy TV via BET and HBO which is great but Black and Sexy Now tagline is ‘Making Black People Normal Since 2011’ …2011 was a great year(wink CB) but when I subscribed and saw that on their homepage I laughed and then as I binge watched Sexless and Chef Julian(both highly recommended) I thought about what that means, how deep of a tagline it really is, Making Black People Normal Since 2011. Think about that.

I know there is a strong chance that if you’re coming to that you already know about B&S and all that CB writes about but the premise of B&S is simple in my view, ‘Make quality shows that the creators are excited about and present them to an audience’ …simple. The audience has to like the shows but the creators have to be excited about it in the first place. All of what B&S does is very real life for many people, many black people, it in itself is life in early 21st century USA but it makes me think, why is this so revolutionary? Were black Americans  never normal? I laugh, I scream at my laptop and try to strategize along with the characters while watching B&S but that to me is what quality shows do? The show engages you, not only that the angle B&S takes, while watching I’m thinking, 90% of this dialogue has to be improv or the script writing is genius level and should win all THE awards! Either way it feels natural, it feels almost ‘is this real life’? Which again is great! Courtney Burrell who plays Julian on the show ‘Chef Julian’ really did go to Delaware State University(an HBCU and my alma mater’s basketball rival hehe) and that’s incorporated into the show. Think about why Curb your Enthusiasm is so great? It’s just flows right? Same premise but again were black people never normal? That’s a painful question! While people are championing B&S’s move onto BET hopefully soon HBO let’s champion their VHX even harder! Sure VHX is a portal and not wholly owned by B&S but BET and HBO aren’t independent either in that respect. If Black Americans are still ‘coming up’ as being normal in 2015 maybe we should champion the new normal i.e. independent web series on their own terms. I say that because it seems as though that bigger shall we say ‘corporate’ media outlets are stuck in a group think mentality where it’s like ‘wow! black people! They’re just like us! annnd also why! They weren’t lying about their problems in American society’( which had me saying THANK YOU captain obvious) maybe that is a good thing and we can  become  a more perfect union but while the Cosby show was one of America’s families in the 80’s and A different world sent a whole generation to college somewhere along the way we got lost in political correctness and now a lot has resurfaced because news flash…it didn’t go away! So if the Cosby’s were normal in the 80’s did black people some how fall out of vogue? Passe’ even? Nope! and Black and Sexy TV is proving our lives are just as normal as the next American, there maybe some cultural subtleties or maybe not so subtle but Sexless is just as relevant as Girls on HBO(or maybe more so *shrugs*) but Black and Sexy TV created their own ‘HBO’ too so let’s support that because I know from personal experience( that it is NOT easy to create something from the ground up.