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There are some things that I like about Beats 1 but Apple’s overall approach  to what they are doing seems confusing as a consumer. I’m going to give a little bit of a background on my initial experience, offer up my thoughts on why Apple is not going in the right direction with beats 1 and how they can be better moving forward.


Beats 1 Apple’s new worldwide online radio station launched on June 30, 2015. The station is fronted by former Radio 1 super host Zane Lowe, Hot 97’s Ebro and newcomer and former Rinse FM host Julie Adenuga. The build up for Beats 1 had been fairly quick but it received my nod of approval. It was about a week before the launch that I started to dig into what apple had in store. I went to the site for Apple Music and saw the glossy Parallax website, I read the wonderful article on Julie Adenuga from The Fadar and then it hit me, ‘I’m confused’! As I was reading and educating myself about what Apple had coming, I found myself really excited about Beats 1(well I was excited from the beginning) but Apple talked about it’s streaming service and ‘Connect’. Apple music streaming and connect just seemed like side stories to me, there isn’t and wasn’t a doubt in my mind that ‘I’m not paying for Apple music streaming’ but I’m super excited about Beats 1 Radio!

Fast forward to June 30,2015 and I had to wait until I was able to download  iOs 8.4 in order to get Beats 1 and by the time that happened, it was time for me to go to sleep, so my first experience with Beats 1 happened on July 1, 2015, due to a little thing called a ‘day job’ I missed a lot but I had time and would have made time to listen to Julie Adenuga’s show(which I did listen to). Julie’s Show put a smile on my face because I thought’ Apple got it right! This is great, I will definitely look forward to hearing her show on a   work week basis.’ Although, again I was confused, I was confused because I had listened before Julie’s show and I heard St. Vincent’s show and I loved it too but I’m thinking as I’m listening, is she a regular part of Beats 1? Who else is on beats 1? I get that there are 3 anchor hosts but this is a radio station right? We come for the music but we also come for the DJ’s and personalities otherwise I could just play my own music #kanyeshrug.

Here is the ad for Apple Music/Beats 1

The ad works well at least I think so but it’s under the ‘Apple music’ name, here is what I think is wrong with Beats 1/Apple Music as it stands right now. I’ve said it a few times in this piece already but the whole set up is confusing! This is purely commentary as a consumer(I’m typing all of this on a Macbook). It seems as if Apple is not sure what they wanted to do and tried to do everything all at once. These are my opinions but just having general conversation people are not excited about Apple Music streaming or anything else that is Spotify-like. The people I have spoken with are excited about Beats 1 radio, Beats 1 feels fresh, Apple streaming not so much. The launch of Beats 1/Apple Music involved to much, you had to upgrade(maybe not the best way) to a new iOs and then click on music and then click on radio. To me that’s too much clicking for a company that ‘has an app for that’. Also the 3 hosts/DJ’s are good, people knew Zane Lowe already, Ebro and if they didn’t know they accepted Julie Adenuga with open arms but who else? What else?

Here’s how I think Apple can improve their new products moving forward, ideally I’d say scrap Apple Streaming,  it doesn’t make sense, chasing Spotify is not going to entice people to Apple when they already love Spotify. Also Apple has itunes …iTUNES! Why worry about Spotify when you created the blueprint for music downloads that everybody still uses(sorry Google but truth is truth).  Within Beats 1 you can buy every song that is being played and by the way its online radio so it’s streaming music just like Spotify. I feel Apple will make more money through an instant click which is linked to your itunes which is linked to your mobile device which is linked to iCloud than through Apple Music Streaming at $9.99 a month(after 3 month trial). Apple, Facebook is Free(an always will be) and they’re doing ok. Also to improve Beats 1 moving forward, they need to create a Beats 1 app, people like downloading apps, I get that Apple wants to have it under music but it’s cumbersome, it’s not Apple to be cumbersome. If Apple had said Beats 1 is going live June 30, 2015 go to the app store and download it(without upgrading to the new ios) that would have been A LOT smoother. The lack of an initial app is in the past but it can be the future, apps are what people know and love from Apple. Finally, Apple needs to create a solid schedule, besides Zane, Ebro and Julie who else? The schedule now makes my head hurt, I understand Apple wants to grab all of our attention but Apple, you’ve already got it! Personally I don’t care about creating my own station, my own music mixes, I’m here for Beats 1 radio station, the DJ’s, the hosts the entire programming but as it stands now what is the program!?. If Apple had said we are creating a worldwide radio station in all that a radio station is, people would have been focused! It would have been THE hot news. Radio station parties at clubs, events, DJ’s, hosts etc and you can buy all the music we play right off your mobile device…that’s big news! I hope that Apple decides what it wants Beats/Apple music to be but it’s only week 1 so maybe I’m asking for too much?

Ehhhh Apple is sitting on billions of stored cash, they bought Beats By Dre for 3 billion, I think my commentary is justified.