Binker and Moses 'Dem Ones'

As always I am excited to present another Jazz Sunday to the world, if you’re new to Jazz Sunday please use the search bar on the homepage and type in Jazz Sunday.

Today I present Binker and Moses, a duo of young London based musicians who have put together music that feels much older than are but also a level of quality that sounds as though they are veterans in the Jazz world. The tenor Saxophonist Binker and drummer Moses create Jazz and as Jazz has come to be loved, free spirited and  spontaneous. Although it isn’t a surprise that Binker and Moses are as talented and have honed their skills the way they have. They met in a jazz development program and have been a part of the wonderful Jazz singer  Zara McFarlane’s band. The album ‘Dem One’s is out now via Gearbox records. Although before you start entering online payment information get to know a bit about Binker and Moses through their music.