Web Series are every where now, it’s as if the internet is one giant cable channel and shows are getting green lit seemingly everyday. Although, Polyglot is different, Polyglot is a show that focuses on young creatives in Berlin, Germany.  The term Polyglot has significance as well because the young creatives in the show are all from different ethnic backgrounds and in addition to German speak multiple other languages(which is the definition of Polyglot, the ability to speak multiple languages) The show stands out because many haven’t seen much come out of Berlin and put in front of our laptops and mobile devices. The first episode follows Babiche Papaya(a rapper, actress and poet) as she searches for an apartment, it may sound hum drum(apartment hunting) but it’s who she encounters and their interaction that leaves you wanting to see what is going to happen next.




Creative Beach will have more on the web series polyglot coming soon!