Hello Everyone,


It’s been a while since anything has been written at Creativebeach.net and that has been on purpose. If you’ve been to the twitter or facebook accounts you will/would have seen the posts about Creative Beach coming back soon and this is true. Although Creative Beach is not back just yet I wanted to take some time to talk about the hiatus and where Creative Beach is headed. First the hiatus, for the past year or so I’ve just been tired, I thought about moving in another direction all together but I kept being pulled back to the site, I thank everyone for sending music, more importantly thank you to the readers! I know I have many people who read and that’s it, it’s hard to tell who’s out there but I know you guys are and I thank you let’s continue to connect( readers, artists, influencers etc). Honestly I thought about quitting all together, just leaving not returning to the site, any of my social media accounts, just walking away but I came to the conclusion this is in my heart, it’s from the heart, I do this for the love first and foremost and it’s become a part of me. Maybe one day I will move into something else but I don’t see myself just quitting everything to do with this cultural sphere and returning to being a fan on the bench. With this hiatus I decided to give myself some time, time to think, time to explore and live outside of the internet and blog world. You may follow the @creativebeach account on twitter and notice that I tweet regularly but that is a pat of the break, just exploring, chilling, I enjoy engaging in this digital space and since it’s just me the Creativebeach twitter account services as an outlet for me as well as all that is creativebeach, so to sum this part up, Creativebeach.net is coming back just give me some more time.

Ok Part two, eventually either from day 1 or soon after creativebeach.net returns the site will get a face lift and have a better look. That’s the biggest thing and another part of the hiatus, I was burned out with posting, it takes a lot to manage this this website and everything around it, I live a ‘normal’ life in general and adding this into the mix was a GRIND. I figured there had to be a better way, so I said let me pump the brakes and think on it. I had been thinking about the idea but taking a break has helped solidify the idea. 

Creativebeach.net will come back in a magazine style, true magazine style meaning the content(with more in depth stories) as well as the publishing, there will be a set publishing date, 

Creativebeach.net upon its return will be published twice a month: The first Monday of the Month and the third Monday of the month. Content may vary but those are set in stone.


I needed something more realistic for me and I hope you all will enjoy. Also the @creativebeach twitter account will serve as way to distribute up and coming artists music, posting links and talking about them a bit more, there are so many up and coming that contact the site that it’s hard to keep up but twitter is the perfect platform. I look forward to the positive changes and I’ll see you guys soon! 




So I’ve been thinking and I want to focus more on the hip hop travel podcast which will be posted here but this site will not be published every first and third week of every month. It will be published periodically to highlight quality content. I am currently working on new content which include interviews so that is the hold up as well as new hip hop travel podcasts but I am definitely coming back.