You guys are store for a lot of goodness with this post. I know I’ve been MIA and the posting level has taken on a blogspot blog circa 2010 but it’s just lil ol’ me doing all of this and honestly it’s a lot. I’m just doing what I can do. Ok disclaimer is out of the way let’s get into this.


First up, Dayne Jordan! Creative Beach has been down with Vinyl Destination since Season 1 Episode 1. Vinyl Destination has taken on a life of its own, I thought the travel channel might have been interested(who knows they still might) but Jeff and crew and keeping it moving anyway and the internets thanks him for it. Now if you’ve been watching Vinyl Destination for a while Dayne Jordan is familiar to you annnnd you ain’t even know it. A lot of Dayne’s music is the backdrop to picturesque scenes around the world, slow mo crowd shots and fade to black roll credits. Personally I think it’s a genius marketing strategy, one because it’s built in promo and two why not skip over all the other ish and sell directly to the people, it’s not Dayne gonna get radio play, he might have a video on revolt or MTV2 though(I’m not sure). The Ep just came out and since I’ve been hearing all of the music throughout the episodes and I hope you all have too you already know it’s DOPE-NESSSS!(yes caps and extra S’s with an exclamation). Listen to the EP Below and oh! keep scrolling, there is more. 


Yes I’m not done highlighting Dayne Jordan, here is one of the latest videos from the EP, yep keep scrolling there is more 

Oh! Before you go here is the latest Vinyl Destination episode, I’ve gotten too far behind to play catch up but I can present the new hotness