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I am excited to have found out about this group. Creative Beach is always about good music and while the site at it’s core is about hip hop, soul music and culture, good music has soul(so there you go). According to musicweek.com ” The young six-piece, consisting of six young men 17 to 22 years old, have drawn comparisons to Coldplay and Arcade Fire with their powerful vocals and melodic guitars and synths: “The Well’s music is big, emotive, and heart-warming.”  You know what? I will have to agree with musicweek because that’s exactly the feeling I get from The Well’s music, it’s big, emotive and heart-warming. The single separate ways made me smile, I just want to blast it in my car while on a road trip, I hope you all feel the same way(or at least like their music). Take a few minutes and get lost in ‘The Well’.