Ok, somehow I fell all the way off on the postings of Vinyl Destination, I took a break from the site general but was way behind(more than usual) on the postings. So, beside the Op-Ed you can catch up on Vinyl Destination annnnd now for the opinion piece.


This came from a conversation I had a while ago, a friend of mine mentioned that Anthony Bourdain isn’t on the Travel Channel anymore, then we both went back in forth talking about that’s true and how he got picked up by CNN and how we were looking forward to the new season of his Travel Show ‘Parts Unknown’. Then we thought, ‘what travel shows are on the Travel Channel!?’ From there it led to a discussion about Vinyl Destination and I thought, what else is out there online on the same level as Vinyl Destination. We were stuck, we couldn’t think of anything. 

Vinyl Destination stood out instantly when the  first season dropped because of its quality. The show was prepackaged as something that could easy be on TV. However, why is TV the standard now? You have whole channels like Black and Sexy and Issa Rae, Dormtainment annnd those are just the high profile very popular one’s(Think NBC, CBS and ABC) but if the internet is one huge offering of channels, where are the well produced travel shows  especially those from people of color. We’ve seen what is done for a very low amount of money, so why aren’t more people doing it!? I think they should! I am writing this from the standpoint of a fan. I have been reading travel blogs as long as I’ve been writing online and before. People of color are writing all day long about their travel experiences but where are the shows? Why not take the written and turn it visual? It’s not about quantity it’s about quality, there truly is a world out there that many people don’t even know about especially coming from the hip hop community, I’ve written about this before, people in general love travel, St. Tropez, St. Barts, Tokyo so many places, people know about these places because of videos and songs. We have the power to make it happen, there is indiegogo, kickstarter, you get a camera, focus and go! 


Ok that’s my two cents, now catch all the way up on Vinyl Destination, enjoy!