9-man jazz/rap/soul collective Phony PPL

Gotta love when things come right back around and like Common said ‘One Day It’ll All Make Sense’. Phony PPL first caught the attention of Creative Beach last year at the Brooklyn Hip hop festival. While we stood and took in the performance I was on the internet on my phone trying to look up information about this young and upcoming group. At the  time I didn’t see much and even when I came back I still couldn’t find anything. Well fast forward almost a year to the day and the Good people at Okayplayer are highlighting Phony PPL.  The group is next up to be making internet waves as they are set to drop their EP “Nothing Special” soon. Here is the first single from their EP.

Oh! Check out Phony PLL through the Creative Beach lens as they were featured on our Brooklyn Hip Hop 2011 recap